Saturday, January 9, 2010

The day I got to make sushi

Monday I got to make sushi at Hon Machi. I made a tempura shrimp roll. You have to spread the rice on a bamboo mat then put a sheet of seaweed on it and then shrimp and a stick of cream cheese that's about four inches long. Then you roll it all together.

I also made crab and octopus nigiri. First you make the rice into an oval with your hands. Then you put the meat on the top and wrap seaweed around it from the rice to the meat. You don't have to tie it because the seaweed is sticky enough for it to stick together.

Peter made the rice for me. Peter is the sushi maker. He let me come behind the counter. Rice got all over my hands. That's why it is called sticky rice. Later, when I wanted more crab, he gave me all the stuff for it and let me make it by myself.

The sushi was good, but it kept falling apart. I think my mouth needs to get bigger so I can eat the pieces in one bite so they won't fall apart.

My dad and I ate a LOT of sushi and we could hardly walk. And I got tired.

Rated E for Everyone. Adults, you probably didn't do this when you were a child so you're probably jealous.

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